Victorian solar tariff

HOT NEWS : “State regulator the Essential Services Commission announced the minimum tariff for excess electricity generated by households would more than double from 5 to 11.3¢ per kilowatt hour” Now is a great time to buy a Pipit 500, understand your usage and maximise the solar generating credit on your next electricity bill

Ausnet Smart Meter

After some time, we now have the ability to bind Zigbee In Home Displays and Gateways via an Ausnet Smart Meter Portal.

This means we are now able to offer the Pipit 500 and Rainforest Eagle, and their Solar Electricity Monitoring capability to large sections of Victoria.  Currently more than 80% of Ausnet Smart Meters can be directly accessed, with the remaining ones due to completion in the lead up to March 2017.

However we have the formal contacts to prioritise the enablement of the remain Ausnet Smart Meters based upon their need for solar monitoring.

Like other binding processes you will need your electricity bill for the NMI and meter number of your premise.  We will supply the MAC address and Install Code of your purchased device and help you though the process.

Your request for your AusNet Smart Meter to be enabled to permit a connection with a ZigBee® Certificated in-home device, and any resulting connection of that device to an AusNet Smart Meter will be subject to their terms and conditions.
Note : the ability to connect a Zigbee device is separate to “My Home Energy” – the Ausnet Smart Meter display portal.  Ausnet Services was previously known as SP Ausnet (SP for Singapore Power).

Energy Hardship

A shout out to VCOSS for a very detailed review of Victorians Smart Meter challenges and the topic of Energy Hardship There blog here is And the full VCOSS report, titled “Making Energy Visible” is below

Download (PDF, Unknown)


Smart Meter costs in Victoria, 2015

The Australian Energy Regulator requested submissions on Smart Meter costs in Victoria, for 2015.  This is also known as the Advanced Metering Infrastructure(AMI) charges for 2015.  Read our smart meter cost submission here.